FTA-450L Transceptor Aeronáutico


  • FTA-450L Transceptor Aeronáutico
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FTA-450L Transceptor Aeronáutico 

The YAESU FTA-450L is competitively priced (COMM ONLY) version of the wildly successful FTA-550L and FTA-750L. Featuring the
same Easy To Operate icon driven menu system, on a large 1.7" x 1.7"  Full Dot Matrix Display. The same loud 800mW internal audio
speaker guarantees calls will not be missed. 833 kHz Narrow Band compatible, with a programmable 200 channel memory bank,
means all favorite channels can be easily stored and retreived with just a few button presses. Valued packaged with all the necessary
accessories, including 110VAC and 12VDC chargers, headset adapter, Alkaline battery tray, Belt Clip, USB programming cable, and a
large capacity 1800mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery. 

Easy to Operate Menu System 
The FTA-450 comes configured with an easy to operate icon driven menu system. The displays and menu settings are
logically configured for a more intuitive user interface. 

Huge Dot Matrix Display (160x160 dots) 
The FTA-450 features a huge 1.7"x1.7" full dot matrix LCD display with full backlight and dimmer. The high
resolution display makes it easier to view all the great features the FTA-450 has to offer. 

200 Memory channels with up to 15 Alphanumeric characters
The FTA-450 can store up to 200 Memory Channels for quick and easy retrieval. With the capability of using up to 15
Alphanumeric characters per name the FTA-450 allows for a better channel description.  

Frequency Range: TX: 118.000 to 136.975 MHz
RX: 118.000 to 136.975 MHz
161.650 to 163.275 MHz (Weather Channels; USA/Canada only)
Channel Spacing: 25 kHz/8.33 kHz (Europe only)
Emission Type: TX: AM
RX: AM & FM (FM: for receiving the weather channels)
Supply Voltage: 6.0 to 9.5 VDC 
Current Consumption (approx.): 300µA (power off),
70 mA(battery saver on, saver ratio 50%)
80 mA (squelch on)
300mA (receive), 
0.9 A (transmit 1.5 W Carrier)
Temperature Range: +14 ºF to + 140ºF (-10ºC to +60ºC)
Case Size (WxHxD):  2.4x 5.2 x 1.3 inches (62x133x34mm) with SBR-12LI
Weight (approx.): 14.5 oz (410g) with SBR-12LI, antenna and belt clip
Circuit type: Double-conversion superheterodyne
IFs: 47.25 MHz & 450 kHz
Sensitivity: Better than 0.8µV typ (for 6dB S/N with 1 kHz, 30% modulation)
Selectivity:  8 kHz/-6dB
Adjacent CH. Selectivity:  <25 kHz/-60dB 
AF Output (@7.4V) 0.8 W @ 16 Ohms, 10% THD
Power Output (@7.4V) 5.0 W (PEP), 1.5W (Carrier Power)
Frequency Stability Better than ±1 ppm (+14 ºF to + 140ºF [-10ºC to +60ºC])
Modulation System: Low Level Amplitude Modulation
Spurious Emission: > 70dB below carrier 
Int. Microphone Type: Condenser
Ext Mic. Impedance: 150 Ohms

Antennas | Antenna Adapters 

Battery Packs

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Belt Clips | Cases



Chargers - DC | Vehicular 


Headsets | Headset Adapters 

Programming Cables 

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